Hello and welcome to my new website!

Who am I and why do I take photos when there are already SO MANY photographers out there?

I grew up on a small farm in Southwest Missouri and moved to Salt Lake City about five years ago. I have always been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural wonders; I think this inspired my love of photos. I love light and the way it makes people feel different things. You know the feeling you get when you wake up to specific light? You instantly know if it’s sunny outside, if it’s a rainy day, or even if you’ve woken up a little too late. All because of the light.

That’s first and foremost what my photography is: an interpretation of light and the moments it can create. 

If you’ve checked out my photography through Instagram, you may have noticed I don’t like to shoot the typically-posed, manufactured shots during portrait sessions (they’re on the shot list, but they won’t be the focus). It’s because I love candid moments and natural feels. I love creating moments that show emotion and reality. If you’re in love, I might ask you to whisper to each other about romance, memories that belong to just the two of you. You’ll smile, giggle, blush. And even if you start crying, I’ll capture that raw and real energy.

Want portraits on a day of crazy weather? Let’s do it! Sunlight, wind, and fog make for beautifully raw shots.Want an intimate photo session at home but think it’s too messy? Let’s do it anyway! Your home is a sacred place that is all yours, mess or no mess. And if you simply want to remember the quirky and sincere moments between your kids or family members, let’s meet somewhere and I’ll follow you around, capturing everything I see.

That is, secondly, what my photography is all about: Meeting people, observing people, photographing their authenticity, and sharing it so they can keep those moments forever.

As mentioned above, I am based in Salt Lake City, but I am more than willing to travel and talk about locations with you. My husband, Connor Rickman and I, travel a lot, so I may announce photoshoots in a different city every now and then. I’d love to meet you and see you in your natural habitat! 🙂


(Shameless plug for my husband. If you click his name, you’ll be taken to his IMDB page. He’s in production within the film industry; If you need video work or production help, hit him up. He’s a stud!)